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She comes racing through the convention room doors and heads straight for you, eyes gleaming. “I got called out!”, she half screams-half whispers because she does not want her friends to think she is bragging. But you know what it means. In a hotel ballroom room filled with three hundred dancers who train, care and sacrifice as much as she does, the celebrity teacher de jour has singled out your daughter. It was her raw talent, her technique, her attitude, her focus or just her pure joy… whatever it was… it got her noticed. She got “Called Out”.

In this Blog, we will do the same. We will search the ballrooms, classrooms and chatrooms of the world for young dancers who deserve notice. Sometimes it will be the title holder that “everyone” knows. Other times it will be the child who has persevered through incredible hardship to find her passion. We will profile the uber gifted, extraordinarily unique and fiercely dedicated. With your help, we will find the stories that inspire, the images that move and the performances that awe. Please join us as we highlight the beautiful reasons your dancer, or the one beside her, deserves to be “Called Out”!

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