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Andrea_Brody_0003Andrea Brody is an Emmy award winning journalist with 30 years of experience reporting, anchoring and chronicling life’s journeys. As a television reporter on both the national and local levels, Brody has covered hurricanes, presidential elections and some of the nation’s darkest tragedies.  She has interviewed politicians, celebrities and athletes from Tom Brady to Lebron James. Brody had the privilege of working side-by-side with broadcast legend, George Michael, as co-host of “The George Michael Sports Machine”. The show brought her onto the field of Super Bowls, center court at NBA Championships and inside the winner’s circle of Kentucky Derbies. Her most rewarding work, however, comes from the sidelines of her own children’s lives.  Brody’s daughter has grown immeasurably in ability, confidence and maturity through dance. Now, this Miami based mother of two is eager to highlight the stories of  other beautiful young dancers while in the spotlight and far from it.

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