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Cami Voorhees

You Won’t Believe The Real Reason I Started Dancing…  Click here and find out!


What Nationals are you doing this year?
The Dance Awards

Slime or Squishies?                                                                                                                            Slime

Slime Pet Peeve?                                                                                                                          Poking with one finger or when they don’t  pop the bubbles

If you’re not dancing what are you doing?
Watching Jake Paul on Youtube

Favorite Broadway Show?
School of Rock

Favorite Broadway Song?                                                                                                        “Popular” from Wicked

Why are you obsessed with singer Michael Jackson?
I watched the documentary, “This is It,” and it really inspired me to sing and dance. I have posters of him all over my room

Any Pets?
One fish. I love bunnies and I’m begging for one

One dancer who makes your jaw drop?
Tate McRae or Ricky Ubeda

What do you do on a trampoline?
Back flips, center jumps and just mess around

What’s your dream job?
To be in a broadway show or in a company like Travis Wall’s, “Shaping Sound”

How much time at school do you spend dancing in the bathroom?                                           All the time I go into bathroom. I’m dancing and doing little combos

Maddie Brown

Why one special day when she was a little girl makes her a better dancer every day


Nick Names

“Mads” and “Happy Dancer”


10 year old Brother, Trey, who is a golfer and an 8 year old sister, Jordan, who is a soccer player

Favorite Kind of Dance


How many hours do you train?

6 days a week – 8 hours a day

What “tools” do you use at home?

Four types of rollers for my body, a foot stretcher and turning and balancing board

What do you do when you are not dancing?

Paint, go to the beach, watch movies.

Best Slime Making Tips

For “Fluffy Slime”, use OxiClean. Fist add the saving cream and then the detergent.

Fad of the Moment

Squishes! They are so satisfying. I like the scented ones. My favorite is the sparkling unicorn.

Most Incredible Celebrity Encounter

Misty Copeland

If you could meet one famous person who would it be?

J Lo. She is to strong and powerful!

Favorite Dance 

“Ignite”, my solo

Worst Costume Ever

From a recreational class. It was so itchy that we had to put duck tape inside!

First Pointe Shoes

10 years old. They hurt a lot but I thought I was floating.

Brady Farrar

His very first solo… and the heartbreaking decision his family made right after it


What Nationals are you doing this year?

The Dance Awards again and maybe NYCDA

Favorite Broadway Show

Cat’s. I love Mr. Mistoffelees. Ricky Ubeda went to my studio. Also
On the Town (because Ricky was in it) and The Radio City Specatular

Favorite TV Show
“The Flash”

What do you do when you’re not dancing?
I like to make slime. I play cards like Spit, War, Go Fish while sitting in a straddle

Two dogs. a Teacup Yorkie and Schnauzer and Poodle mix and our house is infested with kittens and cats. We are the rescue kitten house

Favorite Dance Show
I like, “World of Dance”. We auditioned for world of dance and our group got to the next level.

Are you happy in the Junior Room or can’t wait for the Teen room?
I am so anxious to get into the teen room! Everyone is more mature and dance more maturely

Favorite part about winning The Dance Awards
Touring the country and getting to know new people and seeing how different everyone dances in each state. A lot of my best friends live all over now.

Shamus Noonan

He’s a National champion with a surprising and important story to tell. Find out why Shamus is such an inspiration.

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What Nationals are you doing this year?

The Dance Awards

If you’re not dancing, what are you doing?

Probably outside playing football or hanging out with friends

Longest Steak on Instagram
100 days with a school friends

Favorite dancer on a TV dance show

Eliana Walmsley. She won Nationals with me
Favorite thing to do

I like going to the beach in new jersey

Dogs, Onyx and Buster. They are a Miniature Schnauzer and and Australian Shepard Mix

Favorite Broadway Show

I’m obsessed with wicked and Love the song, “Popular”!

Sofia Gonzalez

She improvised her solo at Nationals… You won’t believe what happened next!


What Nationals are you doing this year?

The National Dance Honors

Home Schooled or traditional school?

I go to a performing arts Public School in Miami called New World School of the Arts

Other talents

I did gymnastics when I was little but then had to choose


I have a twin brother and an older brother

Does your twin dance?


Career Goals

I want to be a choreographer and dancer for a company


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